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"Empowering Our Nation Through Arts, Entertainment & Entrepreneurship"

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We are the young entertainment driven individuals whom are seeking change and development that will be sustainable in our country. We aim to empower and to be an inspiration to the one's following our foot steps. WisenUpHustler, registered as WisenUpHustler General&Projects(Pty)Ltd is acting as a mother to the BeAware Campaign which is our main source of marketing. Our Strengths and Efforts are presented through various projects like: BeAware Campaign and Annual WisenUpHustler Show. N.B: Find Out more about our latest Projects, before agreeing to any terms and Conditions. Purpose of the Company To engage youth in different arts services/activities and to prove capabilities of the rural talents as well as promoting entrepreneurship within the creative sector. Mission To create a safe space wherein young people will be able to engage in different activities in various departments. We aim to collaborate our skills,knowledge and experience through various projects for Change. Vision To have ongoing events or motivational tours that encourages future growth and sustainability in youth from different towns or villages through arts,entertainment and Entrepreneurship. We are also willing to branch out and host projects in other towns/provinces.

"Empowering Our Nation Through Arts, Entertainment & Entrepreneurship"


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Song Writing (All Genres)

SMME/NPO'S Consulting


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